Our firm, an ever-increasing
volume thanks to group
manpower and turnover


Thanks to our network of business partners we can manage
the positive or negative peak periods of work,
with a Group Manpower of


Our turnover is over 30 million.
In the last 10 years our business has grown thanks to increase
in headcounts and the series of agreements with
our business partners.


We work with many important automotive and industrial brands.
Their satisfaction and continuity in relationships are the fuel that feeds
and supports our commitment.


Since 1997 we have been ISO 9001 certificated.
We have added Tisax and Kelony certifications and
we will reach the ISO 27001 for the end of 2021.

Finally, to maintain an high level of professionalism and skills,
we implemented our Academy, available to all colleagues,
internal and external, designers and managers.
The Academy is run by a majority of internal teachers and
some external teachers too.

We have activated a corporate welfare program, focused on the following principles:

  • Social involvement (human rights and environmental responsibility)

  • Family Policies

  • Safe workplace

  • Quality